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Our results are important to our clients


In over 70% of cases filed under the Fair Work Act 2009, McDonald Murholme achieves between $15,000 to $650,000 in compensation for its clients. Furthermore, higher awards usually flow to more highly paid managers and executives who are over the unfair dismissal threshold of Fair Work Australia.

*Based on cases settled in the last three months

The Fair Work Commission previously published results of conciliated conferences and arbitrated proceedings. This is a very useful service against which McDonald Murholme can benchmark its results.

McDonald Murholme achieves results which, on more than 50% of occasions, compare favourably to the top 4% of the overall published results at the Fair Work Commission. 65% of our results are within the top 10%. We are very proud of these results based upon the last 200 clients.

Often higher results are achieved without the use of any legal action where clients want to remain anonymous and protect their reputation or future job prospects in strictly confidential negotiations. McDonald Murholme’s highly trained lawyers are very talented in negotiation skills. They must achieve the best result.


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