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Andrew Jewell, Principal Lawyer: 

Andrew Jewell is a Principal Lawyer at McDonald Murholme having completed a Bachelor of Laws with Honours and Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne. Andrew joined the firm in 2008 as a research assistant while still studying and has experienced the firm grow in size and reputation as he first completed his studies then his legal traineeship and the progressed within the firm.

Andrew has assisted employees at all levels, from apprentices to Chief Executive Officers, in all employment jurisdictions and is motivated by a desire to use the law and his legal experience to deliver the best results for his clients in their situation. Andrew has extensive experience acting and appearing in the Fair Work Commission, Federal Circuit Court, Federal Court of Australia and in the state Courts and tribunals, as well as frequently engaging in direct negotiations with employers, and is a passionate advocate of alternative dispute resolution while also having the ability to manage matters though to a successful result at trial.

Some of Andrew’s matters have become defining cases in the area, with some his more prominent cases being:

John Ryan v Department of Human Services [2013] FWC 4060

Ross Hemmingson v Note Printing Australia Limited [2017] FWC 3063

Barbieri v CMP Controls Pty Ltd [2017] FCCA 784

Appeal – CMP Manufacturing Pty Ltd v Barbieri [2018] FCA 622

Andrew regularly provides expert legal commentary on a range of issues in a range of publications and mediums, including having appeared on ABC News, Channel 9’s A Current Affair, The Today Show and Derryn Hinch’s show on Sky.


Trent Hancock, Principal Lawyer:

Trent Hancock is a Principal Lawyer at McDonald Murholme, completing a Bachelor of Laws with Honours from Monash University. Since first joining the firm in 2011, Trent has successfully assisted thousands of employees in resolving a wide range of workplace disputes. Motivated by a desire to see people treated fairly and equally in the workplace, Trent enjoys working with a diverse client base, including senior executives in both the public and private sector. He has extensive experience managing matters in all courts and tribunals across Australia and frequently appears in the Fair Work Commission and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

Trent receives a high number of referrals from past clients and other lawyers and prides himself on working hard to obtain the best outcome for each of his


Trent provides advice and representation in contractual disputes, unfair dismissal claims, general protections claims, discrimination claims, consumer law

claims and workplace bullying claims. Some of Trent’s recent successes include the following:

Rakic v Johns Lyng Insurance Building Solutions (Victoria) Pty Ltd (Trustee) [2016] FCA 430

Schneider v Eliana Construction and Developing Group Pty Ltd [2016] FWC 5748

Stephen Hanson v Precept Services Pty Ltd [2017] FWC 1488

John Simon v NGS Group Pty Ltd ATF NGS Discretionary Unit Trust [2019] FWC 3442

Trent regularly offers expert legal commentary to a number of publications, both mainstream and industry focused, with some of his own cases also attracting significant publicity over the years including The Age, The Australian Financial Review, The Herald Sun and Lawyers Weekly.


Julie Kojdovska, Senior Law Clerk & HR Advisor: 

Julie Kojdovska is a Senior Law Clerk and HR advisor at McDonald Murholme Solicitors. Having completed a Bachelor Degree in Business (Management), it was through legal studies that she had a passion for the law and commenced her career at McDonald Murholme in 1999 as a legal secretary. Mrs Kojdovska has also been a member of the Executive team since 2016. Mrs Kojdovska is the anchor in this firm for all its landmark cases, which have been constant and demanding. Working closely with the lawyers, Mrs Kojdovska’s wealth of experience has enabled her to head and manage the litigation department, having instructed counsel and lawyers in all Courts in litigation matters. She is dedicated and passionate and ensures the firm’s clients are the prime focus. Mrs Kojdovska’s knowledge of the legal profession, courts in which we work, and lawyers, is an invaluable resource we believe is unparalleled to any other law firm.


Arthur Hambas, Senior Associate:

Arthur Hambas is a Senior Associate at McDonald Murholme, completing a Bachelors Degree in Arts and Law with a major in Political Science at Monash University. Mr Hambas first became interested in employment law at university while volunteering at a not-for-profit employment rights community legal centre. Mr Hambas began at McDonald Murholme as a paralegal before being admitted into practice and accepting a role as a lawyer working closely alongside Managing Director Alan McDonald on a number of cases. Arthur takes pride in his advocacy skills and has experience acting for clients in all relevant state and federal jurisdictions and appears regularly in the Fair Work Commission, the Federal Court of Australia, and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. Mr Hambas takes a practical approach with his clients, providing innovative advice in all matters of employment law.

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