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N.E. – Who was subject to dismissal for false allegations, writes:

A loyal employee

I worked for an international freight company straight out of school and dedicated 16 years of my life and career to this organisation. I started at the very bottom at an entry-level job and worked my way up to a senior managerial position. I enjoyed working there and got along with all my colleagues. In 2013 the company’s profits had fallen dramatically. I couldn’t bear to see the company fall apart and so for the benefit of the company I suggested that I take all my leave then go part-time for a year before reassessing the figures as to whether I would be able to go back full time. In order to support my family financially, it was decided that my wife would also start a part-time job. My employer agreed to this and was appreciative of my sacrifices.

Right before all my leave was used up my employer notified me that there would be no part time position available upon my return and that I would no longer have a full time position. I assumed that this would be a redundancy, but my employer argued that I had abandoned my post and relinquished my position. I couldn’t believe that my 16 years of loyalty to the company had end like this.


McDonald Murholme gave me hope

When I approached McDonald Murholme I was most definitely hesitant, I had no idea what I was doing nor did I know if my employer had done anything wrong. My first consultation with Trent changed everything. He gave me clear and concise reasons to push forward and showed me how it would be achieved.  I went from lacking the confidence to even lodge a claim to fully trusting Trent and fighting the case to the end.

The way Trent devised his plan of attack made it obvious to everyone that the employer had been in the wrong. If it weren’t for Trent’s advice I would have taken the employer’s initial offer which was $12,000 less than what I received in the end.

Having McDonald Murholme represent me was definitely the right decision.

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