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N.C. - Who Was Subject To A Non-genuine Redundancy At Work, Writes:

My situation

I began working at a training and development company. I enjoyed working there and received praise for my performance. During a company restructure I was given a promotion which gave me the false impression of job security. I was then seconded to a different state and my whole family moved there with me in order to support me in my new job. I was determined to make a go of my job.

After I moved, I got bullied by my interstate colleagues. I thought I could trust Human Resources to resolve the issue. I thought I could sort it out alone. I called a meeting with HR. The day after my meeting, my position was made redundant. I was stunned because I thought I could trust HR. I now know that in many modern companies HR does whatever it takes for the company and doesn’t do much for employees. I made many sacrifices for this company and I got repaid with losing my job.  I knew this couldn’t be right as surely I had a right of compensation but for reputational reasons, I didn’t really want to go to court.

What McDonald Murholme did for me

I walked into my first consultation with very little understanding of what to expect because I had never engaged an employment lawyer before and what can you do if you are redundant? McDonald Murholme laid out all of my legal options so I was able to make a clear decision on which option would be best for me.

I opted to have McDonald Murholme approach my former employer to settle out of court without the high costs associated with litigation. I was worried that by suing it might hurt my reputation. McDonald Murholme negotiated an additional 11 weeks of redundancy payment ($18,300), less some tax ($2,700) out of which I paid $3,500 for legal fees, leaving me a balance in excess of $12,000 plus annual leave and pay in lieu of notice.

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