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M.J. - Who Was Subject To False Allegations / Redundancy, Writes:

Not forced to take a demotion

I have been a manager for a not for profit organisation for more than 10 years. About a year ago a new CEO was appointed. I should’ve got the job but she got in first and now she thinks I am a threat because I’ve been in the organisation much longer and have lots of friends in the workforce and on the board. For the last few months under the new CEO my health has been suffering because she created a culture of fear, she would tell people she wanted to pull me into line. She’s organised a restructure and has levelled false allegations and disciplinary proceedings against me. I was about ready to resign.

When I approached Alan McDonald he told me about my entitlement to a redundancy and that I didn’t have to accept a demotion in pay and position. He pointed out that the CEO was demoralising me so that I would resign or be sacked before my redundancy entitlements were due.

He advised that I could make a General Protections claim which I did. I was astounded when the CEO’s attitude changed completely and I was able to work a couple more months before receiving a very valuable redundancy. McDonald Murholme worked hard and fast to save my job and reassured me that I didn’t need to retire in disgrace but received a redundancy and time to find another job.

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