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M.E. – Who was subject to false allegations at work, writes:

Stress and Hopeless Feeling

I was a longstanding casual employee of a large company where I had always enjoyed working, until I was demoted to a position which my qualifications and experience far outweighed. I felt as if I was no longer of any value to the company and that a certain manager was trying to bully me out. Then I was confronted with a series of allegations. I knew I was going to lose my job – as I was made to look like a serious wrongdoer. I knew they were trying to demoralise me and have me give up my job. My shifts were often suspended so I didn’t get paid. How would I fight this? If I were sacked I would find it difficult to secure another job.

Lawful situation and strategy

I spoke to Alan McDonald who it turned out knew my dad from 25 years earlier and he knew I came from a respected family. McDonald Murholme provided me with easy options, ideas and a plan of how to combat my situation, including keeping my job for 12 months longer despite being stood down a number of times. When I was called to disciplinary meetings they attended as my support person. I was happy to be able to beat off false allegations. My lawyers pushed back for me making my employer aware that it was breaching my rights as an employee under the Fair Work Act. I felt empowered.


When I was finally ready to leave McDonald Murholme negotiated a package for me which equated to approximately five months of my salary, plus my entitlements (annual leave etc.) Later on I discovered that my former boss sacked its lawyers who also treated me badly.


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