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D.M. - Who was subject to bullying and harassment at work, writes:

My situation

When I first came to McDonald Murholme I was experiencing significant bullying and harassment by multiple members of staff at work. My employment at my new job started extremely well, I got along with all my colleagues and CEO and thoroughly enjoyed my new role. When things started to take a turn my work / life became intolerable. I felt I could no longer continue to work there due to the mounting issues I was experiencing and decided that I needed to seek legal advice in order to get myself out of the situation.


My Experience with McDonald Murholme….

I was highly referred to a law firm called McDonald Murholme for a complex employment matter.

I quickly felt at ease with the legal guidance and expertise that Principal Lawyer Andrew Jewell provided in managing my case. Andrew listened to the facts of the case; immediately identified the best approach and clearly explained to me what my options were.

As the complexity of the case developed, Andrew was always quick to respond to any questions I had, and to constantly provide his expert legal guidance to keep me on track in making decisions that would achieve the best outcome, while of course always being prepared to act on whatever decisions I made. While I would always take the time to consider options at every juncture, in the end, I was able to trust and defer to Andrew’s recommendations at every step of the way.

On the one occasion that Andrew was not available due to being in court, Principal Alan McDonald stepped in immediately and provided the necessary guidance as to how to best respond to my employer’s demands as they required a time sensitive response.

My medical practitioner who was across the treatment I experienced during my employment and supportive of my decision to obtain legal advice and then representation, was also pleased at the reduction in my stress levels over time, as well as the professionalism shown by Andrew Jewell in the handling of my case. Andrew seemed to be very mindful of going after the result that was going to have less of an ongoing impact to my future well-being.

I would sincerely like to thank Andrew for his legal guidance and expertise provided throughout my entire case. I am pleased with the outcome, and grateful for his unwavering support to achieve a result that was justified.

I would highly recommend Andrew to any employee who has been significantly wronged by their employer, and requires excellent legal representation.

Finally, I would also like to thank Sam Nottle, for all his very solid work on my case and for taking my legal brief, which was quite a lengthy process.


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