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A.S. – Who was subject to redundancy, writes:

My Sticky Situation

I have been employed as a primary school teacher for a number of years. I was told I was “too expensive” according to union standards and they could no longer afford to keep me in my position. I was now stuck in a very awkward position. I enjoy teaching and have 20 years’ experience as a teacher but unfortunately in my industry, experience isn’t always what employers are looking for.

When the next position opened up at the school I applied straight away but as expected, my application was compromised due to my pay level. It became very obvious that less experienced teachers were filling all the positions leaving the older more experienced teachers no choice but to leave.

McDonald Murholme gave me clarity

Initially when I contacted McDonald Murholme, I was quite confused as to what my ideal outcome would be and how I should go about addressing the situation. I didn’t want to ruin the school’s reputation by filing a General Protections claim however I also didn’t want to just let this go as it felt incredibly unfair. My lawyer Bianca Mazzarella devised a strategy for me with this in mind and advised for a legal letter to be sent to my employer to facilitate a worthwhile termination payment as a “no fault” redundancy – tax free.

After receiving the letter, my employer promptly settled because they too, did not want their reputation tarnished nor did they want to go through the long process of litigation. I received 13 weeks of redundancy pay after the term ended and was very pleased with this outcome. Not only did McDonald Murholme sort out my situation, but they provided me a clear direction and it was dealt with in a very timely manner.

What McDonald Murholme did for me may have seemed simple, but I couldn’t have done it without them.

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