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McDonald Murholme strives to uphold the rights of employees during difficult times such as unfair termination of employment or workplace bullying.


D.M. - Who was subject to bullying and harassment at work, writes:

My situation When I first came to McDonald Murholme I was experiencing significant bullying and harassment by multiple members of staff at work. My employment at my new job started extremely well, I got along with all my colleagues and CEO and thoroughly enjoyed my new role. When things started to take a turn my

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S.C - Who was subject to age discrimination, writes:

When are you going to retire? I am 65 years of age and to many employers this marks the beginning of retirement whether you like it or not. I had worked for this company for over a decade and going to work every day was no longer just about the money. I was good at

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N.E. – Who was subject to dismissal for false allegations, writes:

A loyal employee I worked for an international freight company straight out of school and dedicated 16 years of my life and career to this organisation. I started at the very bottom at an entry-level job and worked my way up to a senior managerial position. I enjoyed working there and got along with all

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A.S. – Who was subject to redundancy, writes:

My Sticky Situation I have been employed as a primary school teacher for a number of years. I was told I was “too expensive” according to union standards and they could no longer afford to keep me in my position. I was now stuck in a very awkward position. I enjoy teaching and have 20

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M.E. – Who was subject to false allegations at work, writes:

Stress and Hopeless Feeling I was a longstanding casual employee of a large company where I had always enjoyed working, until I was demoted to a position which my qualifications and experience far outweighed. I felt as if I was no longer of any value to the company and that a certain manager was trying

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M.J. - Who Was Subject To False Allegations / Redundancy, Writes:

Not forced to take a demotion I have been a manager for a not for profit organisation for more than 10 years. About a year ago a new CEO was appointed. I should’ve got the job but she got in first and now she thinks I am a threat because I’ve been in the organisation

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N.C. - Who Was Subject To A Non-genuine Redundancy At Work, Writes:

My situation I began working at a training and development company. I enjoyed working there and received praise for my performance. During a company restructure I was given a promotion which gave me the false impression of job security. I was then seconded to a different state and my whole family moved there with me

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