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Calombaris scandal a symptom of ‘incredibly difficult’ rules - My Business

The $7.8 million underpayment scandal engulfing celebrity chef George Calombaris is symptomatic of the sheer complexity of Australia’s workplace laws, it has been claimed. But a workplace lawyer has called for even tougher financial penalties to stamp out wage underpayments. Ben Thompson, the co-founder and CEO of people management platform Employment Hero, applauded the Fair

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Higher minimum wage ‘not a win for Australia’- My Business

Australian workers on the minimum wage now have more purchasing powers than any other country in the world, according to new 2018 OECD figures, but a law firm says it is not all good news. According to McDonald Murholme, while this appears to be a positive move for low-income earners, the increase in other factors

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Proposed religious anti-discrimination laws to heighten bigotry in business, lawyer says - Lawyers Weekly

A Melbourne-based employment lawyer says plans to safeguard religious freedom through the introduction of new laws have the potential to alienate minority groups should these laws come into effect. McDonald Murholme managing director Alan McDonald says Attorney-General Christian Porter’s plans to introduce a religious freedom act will create challenges within Australian businesses, noting that such

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Higher minimum wage not a win for Australians, firm argues - Lawyers Weekly

Australian workers on the minimum wage now have more purchasing powers than any other country in the world, according to new 2018 OECD figures, but one firm says it is not all good news. However, according to McDonald Murholme, while this appears to be a positive move for low-income earners, the increase in other factors

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World's highest minimum wage does not offset high tax rates - Dynamic Business

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Australia now has the world’s highest minimum wage. While this appears to be a positive step for low income Australian workers the increase in other factors such as taxes and the cost of living means that they do not reap the benefits of a higher minimum

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7 things you need to know about probation periods - Seek

If you’re starting a new job, there’s a good chance your employer will put you on a probationary period to make sure you’re the right fit for the role. Probation can also be a great way for you to test out a new role while establishing yourself as a valuable employee—but it’s important that you know about

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Why Qantas may be liable in Folau case - Lawyers Weekly

The drawing of an inference of a conflict between the views of a Rugby Australia sponsor and those of one of the sporting body’s employees means there could be penalties imposed on Qantas under the Fair Work Act, argues one senior employment lawyer. In conversation with Lawyers Weekly, McDonald Murholme managing director Alan McDonald (pictured) said

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Rugby Australia sponsors could face fines over Folau: employment lawyer - Sky News

Rugby Australia sponsors could face fines if a court finds they influenced the decision to sack Israel Folau, employment lawyer Alan McDonald says. Speaking to Sky News host Andrew Bolt, Mr McDonald says the Fair Work Act does not want external parties entering contracts of employment and taking away someone’s job. Mr McDonald says the

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3 questions raised by the FWO Uber decision - HRM

In the wake of a Fair Work Ombudsman decision that Uber drivers are contractors, the gig economy is being scrutinised. Following a two-year investigation into whether Uber Australia is engaged in “sham contracting’ arrangements with its drivers, the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) made the contentious decision that Uber drivers are not classified as employees. The decision will

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Finalists revealed for 2019 Australian Law Awards

McDonald Murholme has been nominated for Workplace Relations and Employment Team of the Year and Business Development Professional of the Year! See article below: Lawyers Weekly, in partnership with UNSW Law, is pleased to announce that finalists have been selected for this year’s Australian Law Awards. The 19th annual Australian Law Awards (ALAs) will be held on 9

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Lawyer calls out ‘spate’ of wage theft in regional businesses - Lawyers Weekly

An employment law firm managing director has sounded the alarm on what’s being described as a recent spate of wage theft, with small businesses, particularly those in regional areas, being found guilty of underpaying their employees. McDonald Murholme managing director Alan McDonald said recent audits in regional areas such as Albury-Wodonga, Ballarat and Wollongong have indicated a significant amount

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Casual, part-time, full-time: what differences matter? - Seek

If you’re considering a new job, you might be more interested in what the role itself involves than what kind of employee you’ll be hired as. But the benefits, entitlements and conditions of a job can differ depending on whether you’re a casual worker or a part-time or full-time employee. We’ve asked an expert employment

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Calls for unfair dismissal overhaul to stop small businesses paying workers “go-away money” - Smart Company

As appetite for simplifying Australia’s workplace law grows following the election at the weekend, small business ombudsman Kate Carnell is preparing to hand the relevant incoming minister a case for overhauling unfair dismissal protections for small businesses. Speaking to SmartCompany on Monday, Carnell said provisions to protect small employers from unfair dismissal in the Fair Work Act aren’t working very well

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Working for Free - HRM Magazine

May Edition – HRM Magazine

Reference: ‘Working for Free’ by Andrew Jewell, May Edition, HRM Magazine

Code of conduct vs the Fair Work Act – is firing Folau illegal? - HRM

Is terminating an employee based on expressions of religion legal? At this point, Israel Folau is probably more well known for the outrage caused by his Instagram summary of biblical doctrine than for his career in rugby. The long and ongoing drama of whether he will be fired for that social media post has become

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Easter putting an onus on employers - Lawyers Weekly

As Easter approaches, it’s important to give consideration to those who may not celebrate the religious event in the workplace, says a Victorian employment law firm. McDonald Murholme has highlighted that Australia’s workforce is increasingly diverse, and the lead-up to Easter is “rousing debate over workplace entitlements to religious and cultural leave”. A principal lawyer

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Employment law firm applauds budget’s SME focus - Lawyers Weekly

An employment law firm has responded to Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s first budget, saying it is set to benefit both SMEs and employees in a multitude of ways. Among last night’s budget delivery was a promise to cut SME taxes to 25 per cent and increase their access to finance with a new $2 billion fund. The instant asset write-off

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What HR needs to know about the 2019 budget - HRM

The Coalition budget offers millions to the Fair Work Ombudsman, makes a big splash in the VET sector, and provides a boost for small businesses. Pre-election budgets are always tricky – no one is sure if they will be enacted or not. That being said, the budget presented on Tuesday by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg offers

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Employment law firm calls out pollies pre-federal election - Lawyers Weekly

An employment law firm has called for greater clarification regarding a promise made by opposition leader Bill Shorten to implement a “living wage” through legislated changes to the Fair Work Commission. McDonald Murholme said that Mr Shorten’s plans to implement a “living wage” through the Fair Work Commission (FWC) needed greater clarity, with debate surrounding the future

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Unpaid internships: Career opportunity or exploitation? - Smart Company

By Trent Hancock  The recent scores of reports relating to unpaid internships are indicative of the pressures on young people entering the workplace to gain industry experience. There was a survey commissioned by the Federal Department of Employment that revealed more than half of Australia’s young adults have completed unpaid work as part of an internship or job

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